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Announcing a few new books

I've authored a few new books and in this episode I'll do a reading from one of them. It's a short story from the science fiction short story collection I authored called Tales from the Last Space Age

I've also written a book on economic matters called It's not going to get Better

Also be sure to check out my first book Mythologies and their creation


As always thanks for listening!

A tiny audio essay about Vertigo

I know I haven't uploaded one of these in a while. I've been very busy with work and the pandemic. I did write this short little essay and wanted to record it and put it up as a way to share something.

I’ve written a 37 page book on another modern topic

To any of those interested, I've written a small book about my thoughts on mythologies.

To buy a copy click here!

It's available in both ebook and paper book format.

Episode 4 - Historical Computer Recreations

This episode I interview two developers recreating historically significant computers so that indivuals can try them out inexpensively and easily. First Oscar Vermeulen who created the Pidp-8 and Pidp-11 projects to recreate the physical appearance as well as the experience of the pdp-8 and pdp-11, computers critical to modern operating system history. Then I interview Josh Dersch about his work recreating the Xerox alto and Xerox star, machines that pioneered graphical user interfaces, WYSIWYG document editing, and the desktop metaphor.

Episode 3 - Mike Mason

Mike Mason takes care of the Call of Cthulhu line of table top roleplaying games for Chaosium and is the co-writer of the current edition of the game. We discuss the game, how to play, and some discussion of the Cthulhu mythos as well.

Episode 2 - Musopen and Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders

In this episode I talk to two projects digitizing and preserving works in the public domain. is an effort to provide zero cost and public domain recordings and resources for classical music. Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders rescues and digitizes texts from book scans and makes them readable for everyone.

Episode 1 - DVDBeaver

An interview with the operator of the DVDBeaver review site which does detailed comparisons of different versions of classic home video releases. Gary talks about a variety of topics related to home video as well as some of his perspective from viewing thousands of home video releases. 

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